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co-creating nature
 artwork inspired by the intrinsically occurring textures & patterns found in nature

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 Every so often, the most common and disregarded items hold a hidden beauty - it only takes rediscovery and reimagination to unlock the potential. 

The Artist

I am Chelsea Baker, also known as Hello Chelsart. I embrace the role of the contemporary artist who celebrates the creative and captivating approach to seedpods as they are transformed. My art centers on interpreting the form of the seedpod as the determining feature to the overall painting on their external surface. 


From an early age, my natural curiosity and deep affection for the natural world have guided me, nurturing a distinct artistic style that seamlessly blends the intrinsic allure of seedpods with my imaginative perspective. I wanted to provide an artistic worth to the seedpods that ultimately become discarded from the floral landscapes and household vases, and are worthy of further attention.


Intrigued by the organic textures and patterns that nature effortlessly weaves, my creations mirror the delicate intricacies I encounter. My process becomes an exquisite choreograph of imagination dancing in harmony with the unique attributes of each seedpod, resulting in what I fondly call a 'Second Bloom.'


I wholeheartedly extend an invitation to join me in the appreciation of life's marvels, even in the most unassuming corners of our surroundings. 


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