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co-creating nature

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 Every so often, the most common and disregarded items hold a hidden beauty - it only takes rediscovery and reimagination to unlock the potential. 

About me

My name is Chelsea, the artist behind 'Hello Chelsart'. I am devoted to collecting, preparing and transforming Australian flora, mainly seedpods, into unique works of art. My seedpods are sourced sustainably from across Australia, and I value their form and beauty of shape and texture. Through my art practice, I breathe new life into them, giving them a 'second bloom'. The form and shape of each individual seedpod is painted with great care. No two are the same.


I am passionate about co-creating nature by combining organic matter with the traditional art techniques of painterly strokes. The overall effect evokes the spirit of transcendental experience. Explore my store to find something special and unique that speaks to you!


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